Stuart Bell

Great place to train, super friendly and supportive community, absolutely love our gym!

Kate Buckman

Absolutely love this place. Wonderful atmosphere, brilliant coaching and a wide range of ages and abilities all mixing in and supporting each other. I'm proud to be one of the oldest crossfitters in town and love thump boxing too. It doesn't matter on your ability everyone is made to feel welcome and everyone has a place. Hope to continue being a member for many years to come

Simon Miller

So I've been going to Suffolk Punch Boxing club for the past 2 years which, if it wasn't for boxing I wouldn't of lost the weight I have. The charity boxing match that I took part not only helped me get fit in the first place but also built confidence to get in shape as well. I lost in the first 2 months while training for this fight nearly 2 stone, 3 fights later and 18 months of hard training I had hit the 4 stone mark. I don't think I could ever go back to being how I was because I didn't feel a normal gym could motivate me as much as the coaches at GfP and Suffolk Punch. I plan to build on from this to make a better me so I can turn fat that I've lost into muscle so when I go to fight Im in a much better condition.

Lo-Anne Lewis

great gym, great trainers, great people. I enjoy every session of crossfit.

Emma Holmes

I'm so happy that I found GFP and that I have been introduced to crossfit. I love all the equipment and facilities, but mostly I love the people. The staff are incredible and truly care about your journey to being the best you, and everyone is super friendly (staff or not). Made some awesome friends, and can feel myself getting stronger and braver.

Liane Quinney

Fantastic place! Like many people I have been to the usual type of gym, ran on a treadmill, lifted some weights, but always found it difficult to stay motivated as generally I found people would go along, plug themselves into their headphones, and keep themselves to themselves. At GFP the people, coaches, and sense of community spirit is just brilliant. It's like one big family whom encourage each other to work hard, get fit, stay motivated and get strong. You feel like part of a team. It's awesome. Can't recommend it enough!