Olympic Lifting


If you’re thinking that Olympic lifting is just for weightlifting champs and ‘serious’ athletes, think again. This type of training counts as a ‘full-body’ workout, bringing with it many benefits for anyone looking to do the following:

  • Increase strength
  • Feel Powerful
  • Increase flexibility & speed
  • Improve in CrossFit
  • Improve Balance & Co-ordination
  • Burn Calories

What does Olympic Lifting involve? If you’ve done a bit of CrossFit before or visited a gym in the past, you may be familiar with the terms ‘Snatch’, ‘Clean’ and ‘Jerk’. If not, they aren’t as rude and insulting as they might sound, they are simply words to describe a series of technical movements used in Olympic lifting.

A Snatch involves lifting a barbell in one swift movement from the ground to up over the head. A Clean & Jerk meanwhile are generally combined to lift a barbell off the floor to your shoulder, and then straight up overhead.

These classes will teach you the techniques involved in performing these movements correctly, safely and for maximum benefit..

Whether you want to take up Olympic Lifting to improve your CrossFit or are just looking to add some more variety to your workouts, come along and try it out for free.