Cycle Conditioning

Redefining cycling for the ultimate fat melting workout

What do you get if you breed a cross-trainer with a spin bike?

An Assault Air Bike of course! At least that’s what they look like. As the ultimate cardio and calorie-burning tool, an Assault Air Bike works both your upper body and your legs whilst challenging your core in a way that Spin class never could!

Power your own workouts, literally.

The bikes used in our cycling conditioning classes are designed to keep up with you as you pedal – increasing resistance the faster you go for a challenging, high intensity workout that really pushes you to your limits.

Whether you are pushing and pulling during a heart-pumping interval session or building up your stamina, taking part in a cycle conditioning class will melt away the fat and give your core an awesome work out.

So what are you waiting for?

This popular class books up quickly so sign up for your free session today then start reserving your seats!